There Are Different Kinds Of Success

Whether you are a small studio looking to scale up, a medium sized studio that’s hit a snag or two along the way, or a larger company looking to work with or acquire an existing studio, I can help you get to your definition of success.

If it turns out I'm not the right guy to help, I can point you at someone who may be.

How It Works


Discovery comes in two phases, on-site or remotely:

Meeting with the client to understand the scope of the project and determine what the definition of success is.

Meeting with stakeholders to understand what expertise, resources and infrastructure already exist, how they relate to the process, and what their expectations of the process are.

Whether you need scaling up, budget and scope evaluation, or anything in between, these sessions provide me context and details needed for the next stage.


Distilling the information from these initial discovery sessions, I look at where you are currently, where you want to end up, and work with you to build a roadmap to your success.

What exactly is needed depends on the project, and what comes out of this stage could include staffing plans, technology needs, creatives' education recommendations, technology solutions to inter-departmental communication snags, and more.

Depending on the size of the project, this might include followup meetings with stakeholders to assess existing expertise and technology in more depth.


Roadmap in hand, you can begin planning, knowing you have what you need to succeed. We work on next steps, whether that’s you incorporating things with in-house resources, or having me help with part, or all of the process.

In some cases, the work needed may be new to you. I can help with most of it, from staffing and scheduling, to structuring department workflows and day to day reviews. I may also be able to recommend more specific expertise, if necessary.

Most importantly, you'll have a concrete plan to move forward with, that you'll have confidence in.

Why I Can Help

I can speak producer, engineer, and creative and can help to translate between the three.

I’ve spent 25 years creating high end CG, and figuring out better approaches along the way. I’ve worked in feature animation as well as live action VFX, in smaller organizations as well as large. I’ve spent countless hours working with developers to increase pipeline efficiency, looking at scripts and story reels to assess project scope, and working with production management to understand how to get the best visuals with available resources.

Whether you’re looking for someone to provide an early stage assessment of your goals, or to work with you to craft a roadmap for success, I have the knowledge and experiences to help you understand your next steps.