20+ years of high-end computer graphics supervision and design in Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Scientific Visualization.


Designed and implemented many data asset and process execution pipelines and frameworks including, large data set manipulation and transfer, as well as asset management and process event scheduling

Designed a data driven FX process and control architecture to encapsulate and automate tasks within a primarily manual VFX pipeline

Supervised the rearchitecting of the post-layout pipeline for greater asset flexibility in a rigid Feature Animation pipline

CoAuthored the first large scale Character Effects pipeline to bring a higher level of modularity and automation

Designed the first large scale clothing animation pipeline for a feature animation

Integrated external, 3rd party tools into the animation and effects workflows of an entirely proprietary production pipeline


Experience in all aspects of the feature animation pipeline in my roles as VFX Supervisor, Head of Effects and FX Animator

Creative and technical supervision of teams including those in remote locations

Developed the curriculum for a wildly successfull effects animator/developer training program The FX Challenge, in operation for 8 years

Supervizing efforts across departments, teams and sites

Designed departmental restructuring to achieve organizational parity across departments

Designed, implemented and execute many visual and technical systems including, destruction, clothing, fire, dust, explosions


Digital Effects Supervisor and artitst working on a variety of shots including fur, fluids, debris, particles and feathers. Architected a data driven effects pipeline based on parametric design principles

Supervised teams of artists and developers to achieve numerous effects and cfx shots inluding fur, debris, smoke, crowds, particles, fluids.

Helped design and further studio efforts to automate and streamline VFX pipeline tasks.

Architected a pilot framework for studio asset management and process control.

Digital Effects Supervisor Tippett

VFX Sup Merry Madagascar

VFX Sup Madagascar 2

General Supervision

Shot Reel

Madagascar Head of Effects